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Try The Tool Register for Free!

Download The Tool Register today and register two tools for free for one week. 

In the app you can purchase a subscription via 'My Account': 


  • Tradesperson (50 tools) = £11.99

  • Commercial (200 tools) = £23.99

Available now on the Google Play and App Store


Register. Record. Report. Recognise. Repatriate.

If a thief can't sell the tools they have stolen, why steal them in the first place?

The Tool Register is the only app that will remove the market for stolen tools.

The Tool Register provides tradespeople a system to empower them to protect not only their own tools but all tools and livelihoods. This is a comprehensive cloud based smartphone app, removing the market for stolen tools.

It’s too late … when you become a victim.

Store picture and unique evidence of your valuable tools and valuable property securely on the Cloud and hope you never need to refer to them.

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