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The Tool Register is changing 

The new uWatch-it app is replacing The Tool Register to bring all-new features! 

  • Register Tools, Tack, Pets & Other personal belongings all in 1 app!

  • Available in any language  

  • Stores pictures, descriptions, serial numbers, and purchase invoices in the cloud

  • Record Datatag and other unique ID information.

  • Quick to retrieve, edit, add or delete items

  • Full detail can be uploaded to social media, insurance companies and the police. 

  • Stolen or lost items are automatically published on the Dodgy Gear Bulletin board

  • Single payment for life (10 years). Includes upgrades and enhancements.

  • Retrieve your messages of local criminal activity and report items as found.

  • Feature to record suspicious vehicles

  • Feature to make “one tap” emergency phone call.

  • The dodgy gear app included to view other stolen items

  • Items reported as stolen alerted to other local WeWatch members in 6 seconds including pictures.

Existing Tool Register users will be up updated automatically to uWatch-it and if you have any questions please contact our support team on 01491 651229


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