Frequently asked questions

How do I login to my account?

After you download the app from the play or apple store, you will sign up and create your Username and Password. You will then be able to access the app.

Is my device supported?

The Tool Register app will work on all "Android" and "Apple" smartphones and tablets. Please contact us if you are having any issues.

How do I join The Tool Register?

Search for "The Tool Register" on your app store OR you can go on to our website home page on your phone and click the relevant app store link to download.

How do I cancel my subscription?

All subscriptions are handled on the app itself. You can choose from different subscription options and upgrade at any time. When your subscription is approaching expiry you will be sent emails to remind you to upgrade. 7 days after expiry your subscription will return to a "free version".

Does it cost to use The Tool Register?

You can download the app for free and upload up to 2 tools. You can also make use of the "Dodgy Gear" search engine for free. However, to upload more than 2 tools you will need to upgrade your subscription on the app. The data is hosted on a secure cloud server and therefore we have to pay for this storage. Subscription options are as follows: 1) Standard = £9.99 for 10 tools 2) Premium = £19.99 for 30 tools 3) Commercial = £34.99 for 100 tools